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The Longboat Key Real Estate market has seen steady appreciation in recent years. With its beautiful beaches and amazing Gulf views, warm year-round temperatures and high-quality of life, housing prices on Longboat Key have appreciated roughly 6% over the past two years. The average Longboat Key home price in early 2017 was 669K, which is double the average Sarasota County home price of 318K and triple the Florida average home price of 218k. With a strong snowbird population and tourists vacationing in the area, the average Longboat Key rental goes for $3,926 per month. This is double the Sarasota County average rental price of $1,946 per month and 2.5 times the Florida average rental rate of $1,539 per month.

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Median Value All Homes

2015 2016 2017
Longboat Key, FL 631K 660K 669K
Sarasota, FL 287K 315K 318K
State of FL 194K 216K 218K

Median Value - Single Family Homes

2015 2016 2017
Longboat Key, FL 967K 1.06M 1.08M
Sarasota, FL 255K 275K 278K
State of FL 182K 202K 205K

Median Value - Condos & Townhomes

2015 2016 2017
Longboat Key, FL 571K 596K 595K
Sarasota, FL 182K 193K 195K
State of FL 148K 161K 162K

Median Monthly Rent

2015 2016 2017
Longboat Key, FL 3,895 3,845 3,926
Sarasota, FL 1,796 1,915 1,946
State of FL 1,467 1,535 1,539

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